What do the colors of the belts mean?

A person practicing karate improves his mood, his self-esteem rises, and each time achieving new successes, he has an incentive to continue his studies and gain new belts. But what, in fact, their colors mean is rather difficult to say. The most common statement is that each of them is a reflection of a certain natural phenomenon.
For example, a yellow belt symbolizes the rising sun, orange — the setting. Based on this, it is clear that the holder of the yellow belt is less engaged and, accordingly, has less experience than the holder of the orange.

A white belt means a blank canvas and its owner only has to go from a student to a master, and, of course, the last, black belt will become a symbol of mastery.
In ancient times, when karate was not as common as it is in our time, and everyone knew who is a master, who is a student, and who is a teacher. Each person who decided to devote himself entirely to martial arts began his training with a white belt. Basically, classes were held on the street or in small schools, it depended on the degree of confidence of the teacher to the student and how much he was already doing. As a rule, beginners trained in the open.

Classes were held day after day, morning sunrise was replaced by evening sunset. One time of the year was replaced by another. In spring, the first grass appeared on the ground, and in autumn dust and dirt. As a symbol of hard work invested daily in training, the belts were never erased. The greens from the grass on the belts appeared in the spring, and with the advent of cold weather, the belts became gray with dirt and dust. After several seasons, during which the student gained experience, they gradually acquired a black color and were a symbol of skill.

But no matter how many explanations exist for the origin of a particular color, one thing is clear — light colors indicate a lower rank, and belts with dark tones speak of a higher rank. That is why beginners wear white, yellow, and orange belts, while advanced students wear green and blue. For almost everyone, a brown belt indicates that its owner is preparing to become the owner of a master’s degree.

Well, the black belt indicates a high level of mastery, but it is not final, this is only the beginning, because many more amazing discoveries await its owner on the path of martial arts.

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